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Content: all messages, data, information, text, music, sound, pictures, video, design or other material (whether or not protected by copyright);

Website: www.fishandtravel.net

Intellectual ownership

The text, pictures, images, (data)banks, trade and domain names, brands and logos on this website are protected by intellectual rights and belong to Fish & Travel or Fish & Travel is authorized to use them. It is strictly forbidden to store the information found on this website without written permission by Fish & Travel (with the exception of the information that is necessary to view the website or that deals with one of the accommodations or services on offer), to reproduce, change, make public, distribute or send, to sell or hand over in any other way or to grant rights on these to third party members.

By placing content on the website, the visitor will give Fish & Travel the non-exclusive, everlasting, transferable, irrevocable and sub-licensing right, without there being any royalty or other compensation in return for this, to use the content, to reproduce it, adapt it, translate it, distribute it, publish it and to create derived works and to make public of the content in all now known and future media and to multiply it.

The visitor will give Fish & Travel the right to, as a licence holder of his or her content, on his own title, to take legal action against a third party that breaks in to the rights of the content and against third party members that act unlawful against the content that was send in by the visitor and to demand in such a judicial procedure, under it’s own name and it’s own title, for a prohibition, damage restitution and/or profit payment.

The visitor will give Fish & Travel hereby a mandate to, in case Fish & Travel cannot act on its own against the, in the earlier sentences mentioned violations/illegal proceedings, to act in the name of the visitor that has the rights, to act against third party members that break in on the rights of the visitor regarding the content and against third party members that act unlawfully against the visitor regarding the content.

Responsibilities of the visitor

The visitor guarantees that the content that is placed on the website is correct, accurate and not misleading. The visitor guarantees that, by placing the content on the website, no infringe is made upon other people’s rights and that he/she does not act unlawfully.

The visitor will base his or her reviews on the basis of an actual use of the accommodation concerned, of the point of interest or attraction, on fair grounds and will not place text that is incorrect, unreasonable, offending or in conflict with local customs or generally accepted etiquette.

Liability Fish & Travel

Fish & Travel has carefully put together this website. Mistakes can however occur. Fish & Travel is in no way responsible for any damage that was experienced due to information that was provided by Fish & Travel or the visitors or owner/trustee of the accommodation, point of interest or attraction, by reviews published, questions, answers and other content.

Links to other websites

Fish & Travel.nl contains links to third party websites. Fish & Travel Media is in no way responsible for the content of the websites to which links are placed. The placing of links by Fish & Travel Media means in no way that the firm agrees with the content of these websites or webpages.

Applicable law and competent judge

On (the regulations in) these terms and conditions of use only the Dutch law is applicable. All disputes, controverses or differences of view between yourself and Fish & Travel (including those on the applicability and/or legal validity of these terms and conditions of use) will (in the first instance) be settled by the according to normal competence rules regulatory judge.


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